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CBC Radio’s podcasts
(interviews with Minister Jim Prentice, “#1 (US) climatologist” James Hansen, best known Canadian “climate skeptic” Lawrence Solomon, founding member of the YES Men… –  exact links TBA)


  • Dr. James Hansen’s websites:
  • Dr. Stephen Schneider’s StanfordU climate site:
  • Jim Prall’s database
    == UofT systems administrator. Researched 615 scientists, who have published more than a hundred peer-reviewed papers on climate change, the skeptics are outnumbered 601 to 14.
  • David Suzuki Foundation
  • Ontario’s Green Future — their Petition — their No Nukes News
  • Clean Air Alliance
  • Health Power – Canada
  • “The Girl Who Silenced the World” video of Severn Cullis Suzuki’s statement, read at age 12 at the 1992 UN Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro
  • How Alberta takes care of pollution, including its tar sands prospecting and carbon capture amelioration:
  • I did not like the way other provincial premiers turned against Alberta – on the international scene at COP15 – Jean Charest (Quebec’s Premier) according to my sources, and from what Ed Stelmack (guilty Alberta’s Premier) mentioned in a post-COP15 interview, Dalton McGuinty (Ontario’s Premier), too. If there are no mechanisms to regulate equitable distribution of Carbon footprint Brownie points vs. penalty points among the provinces, it’s nothing to brag about. If Canada-internal problems were aired at a convention with representatives from 192 (CBC Radio stats) countries from around the world, it’s even worse. So, Qs: What research is being done In.Any.Province in CA, that would help Alberta prosper WITHOUT having to resort to the well-trodden and indisputably polluting path that the world is being veeeeery sluggish in stepping away form. Mitigation is better than mere Adaptation. BUT what’re the substitute(s)?! Innovation?
    Note to self: ES needs a separate post on Canada-internal eco-dissonant, and at least in theory, possible eco-consonant national political-economic interchanges – much better coordination Certainly.Is.Mandatory at the Federal level!

Public Debates

  • Munk Debate “Be it resolved that climate change is humanity’s defining crisis & requires a commensurate response”, held at the Munk Centre, Toronto, on December 1st, 2009.
    == PRO: Elizabeth May, leader of Canada’s Green Party, George Monbiot, author and human rights, climate change activist
    == CONTRA: Bjørn Lomborg, political science graduate, auhtor and public figure, Lord Lawson, formerly British minister of finance
  • Climate Change and the Ethics of Responsibility: The View from Ontario, Centre of Ethics/UT’s event – Munk Ctr, University of Toronto, April 27, 2010. | ES post
  • NO Powerpoints used, just oral, so no downloads expected. With the exception of Jane Gray’s, the position statements of the panelists are expected to be “edited and webcast”. No date announced at forum, no formal announcement re the webcast either.Participants (quoting from site):
    == Ted Parson, Joseph L. Sax Collegiate Professor of Law, University of Michigan
    == Steven Vanderheiden, Assistant Professor of Political Science, University of Colorado at Boulder
    == Skip Willis, Principal, Willis Climate Group
    == Keith Stewart, Director, Climate Change Program, WWF [= World Wildlife Fund]
    == Jane Gray, Ontario Climate Change Secretariat

Last updated: Oct 22, 2010