ALL INSTALLMENTS HERE                           ES DEFINITIONS of para-/meta-/ping Posts/Blogs that gave me joy, pause, much appreciated research material… Hopefully, you too.

Posting them counter-chronologically, in the order I viewed them in, listed with the date (of publication?) that pops up in their URL address.

Evidently, I’ll have to live with the sobering thought of So Many More wonderful, connective-reflective-witty-gritty-artistic-holistic verbal creations out there, that no one human being can ever manage to fit in her/his super-limited browsing span.

ANY CHANCE VISITOR: Do feel free to continue the list in Comment, e.g., with links to your own lists 🙂



  • 2010/06/25
    Just saw a recently set-up re-announced WP resource – for when one runs out of blogging inspiration:
    overcome-writers-block-with-plinky-prompts Loved the eco-consonant ID of the WP referrer, Joy Victory.

  • – since 2008
    Got pinged/tracked here through a case of police violence in Sussex, UK, and came up with an International Petition, against university budget cuts, AND FOR free public edu.

    If our developed G8 countries can spend billions on meetings (see Toronto’s G20 this past weekend, June 27-28, 2010), they can hold them instead via videoconferencing, and contribute for the kind of education that will ecosonize the world, and save BIG on the paranoid armament race, defence of hierarchical social structures, resolutions in court of differences/disputes all the way between family and transnational actors, (I’m sure) tons of illnesses that advanced Western intrusive medicine cannot resolve…?
    The (viscious circle) catch? – What (state-level?) educational systems can currently commence the facilitation? Coopting the title of 77-year old Canadian author-mentor Wayson Choy’s April 11, 2010, University of British Columbia Laurier Institution Lecture, delivered in a fully eco-consonant spirit, Are we there yet?

  • Montreal palate, TO grit, Ottawa survivor – on WP since May 2008
    nachosatmidnight’s Blog Policies spelled out in detail – Commendable! Also, author is a brave soul – currently keeping up the spirit of Self and Other from Ottawa, AND getting top blog awards – after living in Toronto for a few years, AND having been “born and raised” in Montreal.
  • sacca2010 – starts on Jan 14, 2010
    Synchronistically, Miss Sacca’s blog is sporting the motto “Language Arts bloggers doing their thing”. (italics mine) 6,175 hits in just under 4 months – impressive student diligence, AND right up my research alley of academic blogging. Incidentally, their class blog and mine are also sharing the Tarsky WP theme.
    I cannot help but wonder what the symbolism/metaphoricity of the blog’s header image would be – apart from a (traditional) “art”-message, perhaps?
  • davegj13 – archive since March 2009
    I couldn’t agree more with the blog author and one of the legendary “Founding Fathers” from south of the border, whom he quotes:

    I blog because I am concerned about the direction our country and the world in general is headed… We need to be better informed and more engaged with our government. It is our civic responsibility…
    The will of the people is the only legitimate foundation of any government, and to protect its free expression should be our first object. – Thomas Jefferson

  • richardrego – archive since Oct 2005
    Grad Prog in Communications, Media, Journalism… Radio Stn for hands-on practice! The radio broadcasts in Kannada, English, Konkani, and Tulu, regularly for six hours a day, and in Malayalam, Beary, Hindi and Punjabi weekly (on popular demand of the community). Wow, a flashback to my linguistic stage 🙂 Am still interested in multilinguistic communication – also in its metaphorical sense multidimensionality.
  • 2009/12/19
    Fulfilling to note the parallel between a 6-month old blog circles-tangents-and-the-largest-work-of-art-in-the-world and ES’s Mayfly Perfection, including an underlying philosophical mindset of the author, Fr Stephen Wang.
    == Additionally, a juxtaposition: urban artefactual art-engineering amalgamation (aka architecture), compared to Jim Denevan’s on-the-shore creations; both premised on symmetry/balance of form, the former with emphasis on durability, the latter daringly transient.
  • Mom+Son travelling since January 2010
    A family of Londoners travel the world… like others in the RoundTheWorld community
    == ABOUT page; discover another family of RTWs in a Comment there
    == Would you like to re-learn school subjects hands-on? geography, zoology, certainly communication studies, plus world culturesand languages in situ => multiple Relatedness, H-H + H-N + N-N on a literally “global” scale
  • 2010/06/24
    A young Christian woman’s quest
    == Details about the caste system in India
    == Triggers thoughts on hierarchical social structures & exclusionary practices, religion-spirituality-faith, sincerity(?), transcendental relatedness and, premised on it (vs. not?), human relatedness
  • Jessi Fischer, MA-2B
    Scholarship-winning grad student teaches that sex is about more than fitting body parts together.
    == The “pivot of advertising temptation” – people in Comments discovering it’s more about Human-Human relatedness, through and beyond the body (the Divine, if it’s part of your worldview).
    == Tantra philosophy (healed from degrading distortions) would agree – cf. Tibetan Lama Yeshe teachings, oh, NB! “free” there = donation 🙂

  • 2010/06/14
    “Downtime” by Matt of

    !PRimg of :)

    !PRimg of 🙂

    ONE CHARACTER! causes a crash, that makes the Team work in emergency mode until the following day, recovering (including manually) 10s of thousands of blogs!!!

    320 (+) comments on Matt’s report 11 days after posting, when I posted mine there, and did the entry here.

    Note the Human – Technology, H – H rel’s in Post-Comments discourse.

    “…First we determined that 11.2 million blogs were unaffected by the bug. So we brought those back up. For the remaining 50,000 or so, including some VIPs, we started restoring the lost settings using backups, audit trails, and logs… For most folks (99%) your site was only unavailable for an hour, the rest came up a bit after that, and the tricky ones we worked on until Friday morning… More…

  • 2010/06/23
    Awesome ecosonic art! I owe the discovery to drawn-in-sand-for-but-today
    == A couple of comments bring up the resemblance to the perfect geometric circles drawn in crop fields, presumably by outer-space Sapiens. I have posted pics of those sightings.
    == The resemblance IS there – see for yourself Jim Denevan’s sand drawings gallery at
  • 2010/06/24
    Great photo-geography/history of Michigan State, about which I first read more extensively during research on the Fur Trade in the Great Lakes (16th-beg.19th c.), specifically, women and family & cultural encounters.
    == michigan-cougar-photo-evidence
    == don’t you love that photo trace of a magnificent cat?! Very informative commentary by the author, too!
  • 2010/06/21
    popular opinions (cf. comments) about wrong food, wrong education, good enviro initiatives (carbon tax, green schools) – even if “newly discovered” by author & most respondents
    == bad-heuristics-bad-education
    == PBS about the Green Schools Movement (Ytube video)
  • 2010/06/18
    stats re E-consumption Canada US, Europe…, pro-Obama Oval Office speech June 16 (would’ve missed it), pro-Carbon tax
    == the-gulf-oil-spill … s-on-you-america
    == Toronto star’s barack-obama-calls-gulf-clean-up-a-national-mission
  • 2010/06/15
    a no-illusions-about-himself Brit’ pithy rant on ads’ value perversions, Euro vs Am attitudes t/d WWI – 90+ comments as of June 21.
    == youre-going-to-like-being-slaughtered-on-the-western-front-i-guarantee-it
  • 2010/04/14
    a regular guy’s appeal to climate scientists for communication:

    Galileo was imprisoned. Darwin was mocked. And witches were burned in colonial America. I just have the sense that the gap between the state of cutting edge science research and the public’s understanding of science is much larger than before.

    And, as such, scientists have a responsibility to spend more of their time educating the public about their research – even if that means doing less of that research. I know, that’s boring. But it’s important. climategate-debunked-finally

  • 2010/06/14
    JUST LOVED!!! the perky attitude of this young mom of a teen step-son and own toddler + working registered nurse + oh, wife, too – some 67 comments (June 21) loved it too!
    == my-superworkingmomrealistic-day