June 24, 2010, update: International Free Hugs Day is celebrated on the first Saturday of July, per wikipedia.org article.

A detour into Real Affect:

One of many, by now, free-hugs videos, this time to Leonard Cohen’s beautiful tune Hallelujah! (ES and I second)



IMAGINE this: they started it [ the Australia-born movement (Juan Mann, June 2004), that is] EVEN BEFORE I started “publishing” the ECOSONANCE THEORY! Who’d’ve thought that you don’t need A.Theory to DO.something.RIGHT?

So, reverse-engineering, now’s the time to unveil the principles that achieved the praxis – perhaps? Like, sophisticizing what’s behind (and/or in front of) the escalation of affect – as the Sondrio, Italy, story unravels, more and more people go for the hug-treatment…

INVITATION: those who would, do proceed in Comment, with links to your own posts with “eco-consonant” clips and thoughts – riiiight there, at the bottom of the page, where it says “No comments yet” as of June 23, 2010, 11:11 AM, Toronto time 🙂

Go-Go, WordPress – the script popped up a couple of posts (1st here, 2nd didn’t work 4me) with “Leonard Cohen” in the title (THANKU!), BUT NONE with “Free Hugs” or “Abbracci gratis” (It), “Abraços grátis” (Pt), “Abrazos gratis” (Sp), “Imbratisari (?) gratuite” (Rom)…!

And are there only hugging songs in English, wonderful as they may be?!