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April Title: Hanging On to CBC Radio’s Every unWord – The Dec’09 Copenhagen [***]

You fill in the blank, if you are so inclined, just please resist the temptation, despite Oscar Wilde’s all-too-true adage, to be completely sincere in the Comment section – after all, we’ve all had, what, a full semester (?) – to “cool it”. Courtesy appreciated. Fully. L:)

Just the other day, browsing book displays downtown (specifically, sales), I spotted Wilkie Collins’s The Moonstone. Must have been in junior high when I first read it. Just as I had pretty much convinced myself NOT to buy it and add to tons of paper I already suffer tremendously over not being able to get rid of, the “Preface to the New Edition” popped at me. What did I see? – the author had been quite ill while finishing the book, and as a matter of fact, his responsibility to his loyal readers had kept him going AND pretty much breathing. That didn’t give me much of a choice, did it?

Back to Dec 2009 – COP15 in Europe, myself prone in bed for most of the month, crawling-hobbling between radio and desktop PC. Since I am off TV and video, access to more traditional media boiled down to CBC Radio 1 (yuk!, some might say – go ahead, I can take it 🙂 ). To make things even more pen-worthy, the bedridden-hood’s onslaught occured against the backdrop of a trying 2-3 months on the local academic scene, what with restructuring and the like…, which you’ll be spared.

And since like many others who subscribe to the belief that it’s not so much what is happening to you as what you are happening to it that counts, I focussed on turning my captive audience status into a venue for research.

The outcome was the paper I gave at a friendly conference in Ottawa in March 2010, currently in prep for publication.

Recruiting Mr Collins’s eloquence,

…I had my duty to the public still to bear in mind… I held on to the story – for my own sake as well as for [the readers’]… The art which had always been the pride and the pleasure of my life, became now more than ever ‘its own exceeding great reward’.
=> Read: art = research | public, readers – leave as is

To help you get the gist, the talk title is “CBC Radio’s “Mash-down” of Glocal Spaces at the Copenhagen’09 UN Summit: Discourse Fragmentation and Epistemological Gapping”. The references are part Climate Bib and part General Bib on the ES site.

The handout to your attn, mhtml file, at 61KB – for now. Works 4me in IE.



  • CBC Radio’s “Mash-down” of Glocal Spaces at the Copenhagen’09 UN Summit: Discourse Fragmentation and Epistemological Gapping. Paper read at the 5th Annual Carleton Conference “Global Mash-ups: Re-envisioning Space in Communication Studies”, March 4 & 5, 2010, Ottawa, Canada.