re-re-posted with literary edits: June 26, 2010

Rereading yesterday’s Mayfly Perfection post, I couldn’t help but, read by read, get drawn into vision-and-rhyme…

Awesome ecosonic art! – see for yourself: jimdenevan dot com > sand

I owe the discovery to, where a couple of comments bring up the resemblance to the perfect geometric circles drawn in crop fields, presumably by outer-space Sapiens, which had popped up as a “free” association for me as well. (see images paneau below – the life size of the crop formations spans 10s and 100s of feet!)

What really fascinated me about Jim’s art, and still does, though, was the profoundly ecosonic dimension of the philosophical implications of these awesome sand drawings being born on the shore and dying with the tide – analogous to short-lived, beautiful mayflies.

Just think of what it means (for someone) to
execute with such hours-on-end precision,
on such a beyond-sight-reach scale,
all these marvels that get washed away –
perhaps, literally, within the day (?) –
save for the witnessing
of a photocamera!…

…and genuinely LOVE it?! We
human viewers wholly
love it too, and
likely so do
– I Sense –

We genuinely LOVE it
as does he
likely so do

FYI BBC on alien (?) crop circle formations:

Crop Circles, or agriglyphs as they are increasingly called, are beautiful, complex geometric patterns found impressed in a variety of crops and, less often, other vegetation. They also appear in any other ground cover that can take an impression such as earth, sand, ice, and snow, and even in maize and tree canopies. In crop formations, the stalks are gently bent down flat to the ground, often with complicated multi-level layering and spiralling patterns. More…

Click on the thumbnail image, then feel free to expand – original width and height are over 1200 px. Oh, and the life-size shapes stretch for 10s-100s of ft

crop circles

credits: post 'Crop Circles' outubro 23, 2008


re-re-posted with literary edits: June 26, 2010