As US’s Obama and UK’s Cameron are betting over FIFA outcomes, and a Gulf storm is threatening significant aggravation of the BP (historically, British Petroleum) oil spill,

  • G8 in Huntsville, Ontario, Canada is wrapping up with less than 1/3rd (of the 50,000 billion promised in Gleneagle, Scotland, 2005) confirmed financial commitment – 5 billion US$ over next 5 yrs by G8 + 2.3 billion by other countries (per PM Harper closing speech, Sat. June 26),
  • G20 in Toronto, Canada’s largest city and capital of the province of Ontario is offset by protests escalating into violence. An ugly, and shocking to Canadians – and the world -, Black Bloc subversion of “public demonstration”. Acts of violence corrupted peaceful demonstration of over 10,000 people as of first day of G20 summit, Sat. June 26.
    Hurtful to see that what looked like excessive security measures was justified:
    == special G20 legislation (“Public Works Protection Act” giving extra powers to Police – to search, fine, arrest potentially dangerous individuals/groups)
    == 3 meter tall fence encircling Convention Ctr
    == University of Toronto closed down during days ot summits June 24-27
    == police imported from other provinces, increased number of police on site, including Mounties (on horseback).
    HOWEVER, re concerns over threat to civil liberties,
    == a judge ruled against using sound blast, lest it cause serious damage (I’d imagine, even to uninvolved bystanders or uninvolved downtown residents)
    == no mention of “stun guns” (to be) deployed

    IT WAS QUITE SOBERING to learn about
    == a couple of arrests of men with incendiary material around the beginning of G20
    == a police car set on fire; several cruisers smashed overnight Sat-Sun
    == windows of Scotia bank smashed, stores raided, mostly Yonge St, and no merchandise taken
    == 412 people in custody as of noon, Sunday, June 27.
    == GOOD 😦 😦 😦 NEWS: no one reported taken to hospital from the public or police, injured police able to stay on duty. NO VIOLENCE reported on G8 site.

  • Videos available as of 1pm, Sunday, June 27 at

    == PM Harper’s G8 closing statement, in French and Engl
    ==== Billions for maternal health 3:30 min
    ==== (Oil spill, climate change not on the agenda)

    == G8, G20 protesters promise big demonstrations
    ==== re supersized security “Fortress Toronto” expecting G20 6:38 min
    ==== Protests turn violent 2.01 min, by John Paul Hoggan
    ==== Toronto stores board up (80% Sat to Sun)
    resident whose family’s lived in TO for 25 yrs has “never seen anyhting like this”
    ==== Over 400 arrests 9.09 min
    ==== Protest mayhem 2.05 min
    ==== A ‘family-friendly’ G20 protest 2.01 min
    people came out with children 8-, 3-yr old, for “children to remember”, “out of curiousity”…
    ==== Open for business during the protests
    store owners say: closed down after Scotia Bank office vandalized; with all the police “it looks like a horror movie”

  • UPDATE: A number of good vid’s today, Monday, June 28 (as of 9:30 am)
    == G20 results
    ==== G20 summit ends 3:16 min
    ==== Obama says G20 produced important progress ! 43:28 min

    == Outside of G20 fence (2:00 min – 5:00 min vids, rarely longer):
    ==== Citizen journalism
    ==== An officer’s summit view
    ==== G20 Toronto unrest
    ==== G20 summit vandalism
    ==== G20 violence condemned
    ==== Police surge 4:03 min

    == After the Summit 7:00+ min – good recap re outside g20 Fence, up to Mon am (detention facility, why police changed tactics from Day1 to Day2)
    == Summit security overload 4:12 min – Alex Neve, Secretary General of Amnesty International – Canada qualifies events as “deeply troubling”, AI is calling for an independent review, to be conducted by bodies already assigned to similar tasks.