Canada is (officially) 143 years young today – that is, if you count as of the year Confederation was formed in the 19th century, which precedes obtaining sovereignty from the British Crown by a few decades.

If you count back to the earliest recorded European settlements, you land in the 14th-15th century, or a few centuries earlier, should you choose to give credit to the Scandinavian Vikings.

AND if we were able to trace pre-European inhabitants of the land, then the time machine would need fuel to last for a couple of millennia, and more.

JUST THINK OF HOW MANY “STATUTORY” HOLIDAYS WE CAN ENJOY 🙂 🙂 🙂 If we take into account the range of date probabilities, It’s a Non.Stop.Party!

Hadn’t thought of it before – hmmmm. YOU?

This is the national anthem recorded in water crystal configurations – you get the instrumental version that conjured up water memory, too.

Here’s how water remembers the beautiful anthem of my “other country”, Bulgaria

But since I see myself as “citizen” of Planet Earth, first and foremost – 19 more national anthem water crystalizations – from Dr Masaru Emoto’s website.


Looking forward to the beauty of Planet Earth’s Anthem. Anybody got the link?

For those who may not have heard of Dr Masaru Emoto and his research, e.g., how water “hears” and “remembers” human words, emotions, music, AND sees the same differences as we do! – a 2:34 min YouTube feature

***HELP*** would be much appreciated on how to get the embed object code from YouTube. I’m using the plain URLs for now.

July 2, 2010 update:
TO ANSWER MY OWN SOS call, elsewhere, you may need the embed object code, which you can get from YouTube by RIGHT-clicking on the video window, then selecting Copy embed HTML, then paste the several lines of characters where you need them. I REMEMBERED.
In, you only need to copy the URL (this, embarrassingly, is in WP Help > Videos > YouTube), then in Edit post window click Add Video button, select URL, post the URL code, give optional name in “File Name” slot, and video’s good to go! Or just type in HTML edit mode. Example:

and the little known anthem from a country that’s hardly ever on the world politics radar – not a bad thing, eh? Water LOVED IT – the symmetric patterns of the crystalizations ARE amazing!