Any number of musical geniuses CAN PERHAPS figure out how to remix&mash up multiple national anthems into Planet Earth’s Anthem – assuming taking for granted the (theoretical) possibility that someday we’ll be able to truthfully “apply” it???

See artistic experimentation further below, some really good, with Kelly Clarkson’s “Already Gone” and Rihanna’s “Halo”, and one by Del with Jason Mraz’s I’m Yours.

A little adjustment if I may? – “vs” persists in the titles of the works, yet somehow, it does not belong with harmonizing soundtracks. As far as the envisioned Planet Earth Anthem project, eco-consonance, and with it, the tuning up of multi-level vibrations and vibes, go without saying.

Globalization NEED NOT be subject to what philosopher Lorraine Code (2006) calls “imaginary of mastery and domination”! At least, there is nothing in the semantics of the word that makes such a path inevitable. (Think of the parallel with the uses of nuclear power, which can be dichotomized, like – it would seem – anything within human reach.)


Speaking of which democratic beliefs, since we’re between Canada’s July 1st, and the neighbours’ July 4th, click to play and “see” the anthems below, listed in alphabetical-chronological order – can’t table them to display side by side 😦
(some prelims about Dr Masaru Emoto’s water research and art)


  • Kelly vocal and Halo-Already Gone instrumental mashup – to my ear, not perfect.
  • .

  • Kelly and Rihanna vocals, musically better, for me very good, actually: “Beyonce vs Kelly Clarkson – Halo Already Gone” I’d say, PG RATED – author apologizes, ran out of pics, had to do with what internet searches served.
  • Mashup of Kelly vocals and instrumental speedup remixes, no “Halo” – it’s not always apples and oranges, though.
    kelly clarkson – already gone – remix by john michael & billy waters vs TWB mix – Rated G”
  • Really musically good incremental mashup by Nick Pitera – 2 (?) voice (his style)+instrumental tracks mashed up.
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    ACTUALLY, until I started searching YouTube today and found a dozen and more Already Gone – Halo exwercises, Nick’s is the first mashup I came across (about the same time as Jason Mraz’s multitrack cover by Del), and the one and only for quite a while.

    Del, another rare talent, WILL MAKE YOU WANT TO SING&DANCE!!! (just gloss over the 1-2 v.hi notes)

    Oh, did you know that Chubby Checker “himself made sure that Jews were dancing with him when he re-recorded The Twist to the tune of “Hava Nagilah,” even switching between the song’s original Hebrew and his own Hava-fied English that invites you to get on the dancefloor.” (quoting TrailofourVinyl | November 11, 2008)