To celebrate ES’s first Comment Contribution, and since I cannot seem to get the Earth’s Anthem topic off my mind 🙂 , linking to one of the best candidates, in view of our world at present.

Looking forward to the time when we will move BEYOND IMAGINING! Human history does have a persistent track record of “impossible” things that have turned out to be “possible”.


YouTube publication by charlotteestchouette | July 18, 2008
Vidéo-montage d’images illustrant parfaitement les paroles de la chanson. Il y a les paroles en anglais et en français.
Video-assemblage of pictures illustrating the lyrics of the song perfectly. There are lyrics in English and in French.

H20 “sees” the beauty of the dream too, by the looks of it:

 Emoto Labs' crystallization of "Imagine"

Dr Masaru Emoto Labs' crystallization

One cannot help but wonder what the crystal would look like without interference from words reflecting the ugliness that’s still going on…

Chubby Checker – Let’s Twist Again… (because it’s SUMMER again!!!)

Quoting a Comment: “50 years old and you can still play it at a house party and people dance”. YES!

Credits: Ed Zerati; Edsonzerati | April 21, 2009. (wish I could control the width of the WP video plugin, but… – not the presentation Chubby deserves)

Yupppeeee! Benny Goodman’s “Sing, sing, sing” arrangement I was looking for!!! Lovely kids as an extra bonus – apparently winners in a competition, later touring the world!

Applause continues to pour in. A week up to a month ago one still reads: “wonderfull”, “awesome!!!”, “Blimey!!!! Superb”, “Estupendo!!”

credits: eskimopieo0 | June 11, 2006
Exchanges in Comment from a few months ago reveal that the girl’s name is Taylor, and at the time of the recording she was probably around 11. To be fair, the boy is just as inspiring, right?!