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  • 2010/07/30–an educational tool???
    A Star article by Lesley Ciarula Taylor re online interactive practice to give you a more visceral experience of the magnitude of the BP spill. Quoting the map caption:

      Web mapping guru Andy Lintner has created a map showing the Gulf oil spill centred on Toronto, on its real location – or anywhere else in the world you choose. Click on the map to start. To change the location, click on the map, then type a city name into the box in the top left corner.
  • 2010/07/29 McLean’s “frontline” coverage of BP spill old news?
    Canada’s Enbridge oil spill in a Michigan river, having doubled its length since yesterday, July 28th (CBC news), is heading toward the Great Lakes. Can’t say that a neighbourly “public apology” would be anywhere near enough, if moreover the company had been warned just last year by US regulators about corrosion of the pipeline, yet failed to act on their promise to provide replacement parts.A déjà vu collage of somber faces, ugly spots… Michigan senator’s matching radio statement.

A couple of Toronto Star Online articles:


  • 4delight – archive since May 19th, 2010
    Ping “backup”, you might say, for Girl2Girl’sperky “Average” credo.
  • misadventuresofaveragegirl – archive since June 28, 2010
    WPfind. Just look at the comments on the ABOUT page – what does an “average” that is 100% so attractive for the respondents prove, just like a number of other WP com blogs on the ES Posts/Blogs of Note lists styled as “average”?My personal, resilient belief on the subject: post Average Is Amazing
  • thoughtsappear – turning 5 months next Fri!
    WPfind. A young woman’s frankness re Relatedness to Self & more. Feedback, JIC:
    == re “40 is the new 30”! 10-20 yrs from now… who knows what the “rule” will be 🙂
    == Great point re Relativity: earthquake @ 3.5 Marylanders’Mag = or > 5.3 Californians’Mag [my “translation”;July 17: so for us in Toronto, it would be in between to feel the way the author did, magnitute of ~4.6 – we got one thereabouts, 5.0MAG, on June 23]
    == AND, super-talented template design – Theme: Solipsus by Tiffany Nguyen!
  • 2010/07/16
    WPfind. A widely quoted Martin Luther King quote, credit to Quiet Rebellion, post timeless-words-of-wisdom

      Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable. We are faced with the fact that tomorrow is today. We are confronted with the fierce urgency of now. In this unfolding conundrum of life and history there is such a thing as being too late…. We may cry out desperately for time to pause in her passage but time is deaf to every plea and rushes on. Over the bleached bones and jumbled residues of numerous civilizations are written the pathetic words: Too Late.

    It struck me that “the future is today” concept runs through the writings of Marshall McLuhan, UT Professor of English, hailed internationally as the “father of media theory”. His 99th anniversary next week, July 21st, thus upcoming Centenary in 2011. Interfacing with Martin Luther King on the subject of “progress”, he steers into a differently socially-culturally situated discourse about the “effects” of media and technologies redefining the meaning of “human”.
    Not trying hard enough to find when the quote is dated, the first link I chose to click brought up a journal issue, On Climate Law in an Era of Climate Change, Journal of Transnational Law & Policy 18, No 2, Forida State University (Spring 2010) 

  • 2010/07/12
    WPfind. BP oil spill takes over the Guinness World Cup from oil tanker Exxon Valdez (March 24, 1989, Alaska) for “worst coastal damage in an enviro disaster” – credit to rosesandwaterfalls – a blog with a tasteful look to match a young woman’s search “for her place, her heart, and ultimately, her destiny”.Per multiple upward corrections of US Gov’t stats May 27 – June 15, 2010, reported by Reuters (12,000min – 60,000max barrels per day), BP’s Deepwater Horizon rig may have been disgorging up to almost one quarter EXX every day, thus from an initial estimate of 1/7 – 1/4 EXX up to 2.8 – 7 EXX per month at the worst estimate, mid-June. (penalty estimates at the time, Reuters, Jeremy Pelofsky)Comparison with Spain’s spill of 1.88 EXX (66,000 tons to barrels conversion): “The BP Spill: Learning from Spain’s 2002 Disaster”,, by Lisa Abend, June 28, 2010 
  • 2009/12/01
    Meta-ping. A moment in the CRU epic that I didn’t have documented, recorded in a WA Post article by Juliet Eilperin, “Climate scientist at center of e-mail controversy to step down”. CRU Director Dr Phil Jones is quoted to have announced that same day:

      After a good deal of consideration I have decided that the best way to achieve this is by stepping aside from the Director’s role during the course of the independent review and am grateful to the University for agreeing to this. The Review process will have my full support.

    Correction to the staff writer’s article – the emails that were “seized” were not “several” but by orders of magnitude more, and not “by Jones” alone – Collection of CRU emails: href=” The allegations against CRU “behaviour”, however, are within the Director’s responsibility domain. 

    Ping credited for reference: libertyplanet. A repository of collected texts, archived since Aug 2008. Precious for a comparative study of authors’ (un-/intended) situatedness

  • 2010/03/10 – archive since April 2006
    Ping. An appropriate one for my CRU post today: why-academic-freedom The whole climate change debacle seems to have provided more than enough evidence in favour of having a protective (not all-forgiving!) buffer between industry and academia. My own UT is going toward tighter integration between the two, predicated on an exchange of sponsorship for (let’s called it) pre-booked employees.A precious research find in another respect as well: the blog is co-authored by 4 professors in the area of management and economics, affiliated to univesities in 3 different countries.A potent synchronistic moment – they are interested in the history, philosophy, and sociology of science.

  • 2010/07/09
    WPfind. A young woman’s transcendence of “multiple failure” is her remarkable success! The Gulf people’s hallmark resilience?Take A Walk On The Bright Side

  • NOTE to self: last 3 entriens from 3 pings to July 8 lecture post – How did the search engine/network make the connection?
    July 9 add-on: I mean, with those 3 ONLY! There must be so many others that contain “university”, “physics”, “professor”

  • universitywatchdog 2009/12/12
    Ping. At the time that the University of East Anglia’s “CRU emails” case was being credited with having effectively undermined Global Warming “alarmism”, universitywatchdog takes care of taking yet another realistic shot at the priesthood of Epistemic Authorty. Tragic (for the immediate actors) – farcical to boring (for the Brotherhood, oversaturated with the genre) – horrendous (for the uninitiated), the dismissal of X, followed by a series of exorbitant court procedures is laid bare in front of WP’sIf if readership:

      All of this might well have remained hidden from public view had Dr O’Nuallain not commenced writing a blog, or online soapbox, called the University Blog on Academic Tenure in Ireland. On the blog, Dr O’Nuallain called Prof von Prondzynski ‘a liar’ and ‘a person without honour’ and described three university colleagues as, respectively, a criminal, traitor and an idiot. More…

    Research Q: How does one separate the quality of the research product from the fallibility of human agents? Or should/could one? 


  • – alert page
    Para-ping. I cannot help but think of the tornadoes, lifting up this and that in The Wizad of Oz, incl. Dorothy’s house. Alliterative assoc, I guess, K.ansas – through Western K.entuckyU. Oh, and I LOVED being the Wicked Witch of the West, mayhap in anticipation of www (???) – made my own black satin dress, silver belt, tiara, and magic wand (waaaaayyyy back in grade 8).[NO I AM NOT covering the macabre Kentucky fried chicken association!]Research Q: Why would WP be better than other media for emergency announcements (to WKU students)?

  • abluteau – super-distributed audience appeal!
    Para-ping. SDAA=15 latest Comments Apr 30 – July 1, all by different users, on different posts.
    A blog from A.B. from “la belle province” (just look at the pics & you’ll see the title is well earned!), with international geographical span – to match the author’s traveller’s soul, I guess – which also encompasses Law Geography.It was so nice to read the positive BIO pg feedback from Jean! YES from me to hot chocolate + crusty bread + fresh butter – oh, and a recent culinary pleasure – Montreal omelettes!

      I still consider Canada to be our “conscience to the north.” I try to check in with the Globe and Mail – I am not as well versed with the Quebec papers. For that, I take your direction.I am a lover or all things French in the old and new worlds. I was briefly in school in Paris and so I love a bowl of chocolate with a piece of crusty bread and a little unsalted butter for breakfast. Proust was right about the import of such detail. They anchor us. More…

    original ping from 


  • sustainbydesign – archive since Aug 2009
    I totally embrace the import of Liza’s blog – holistic sustainability entails beauty! (aka, harmony in ecosonic terms; conscious choice goes w/o saying) ABOUT

  • some college archives blog!!!
    Para-ping. Smith College Archives Blog (since April 2007) – ABOUT

  • 2010/07/01 – archive since Jan 2009
    WPfind. on Media, PR & the Social Web. Author George F. Snell III presents an argument that quality-matters-in-social-media (as well as in ice-cream). I’m more succinct, Quality matters – period! Rewarding to meet a kindred mind 🙂 And a very serious blog writer.As to George’s point that “impulse control disorder” is the correct term for “addiction” to the Internet, aren’t they synonymous there semantic overlaps, or is that the joke of the “correction”? (I am the one joking here, not so much about the grim subject as our human attempts to “(over)analyze/(over)classify…”, read on.)Oh, note also the parallel acronymization of ICD (impulse control disorder) and ICT (information & communication technologies) – this has to be more than coincidental!?
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  • _______
    FYI: Re ICD; ICD can turn into Addiction – Dr Marc Kern 

  • The Manifesto for Agile Software Development, 2001
    Its 4 clauses:

      == Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
      == Working software [doing research] over comprehensive documentation
      == Customer collaboration [researchers/admin collaboration] over contract negotiation
      == Responding to change over following a plan
      The complete text plus the 12 Principles behind it

    Link to the Manifesto owing to’ s post the-egoless-knowledge-worker, from among whose 10 commandments I’ll quote 2 closely linked and, it seems, problematically ignored in our allegedly “knowledge” society – across the board: 

      5. Treat people who know less than you with respect, deference, and patience… [me: irrespective of power hierarchy status! – ???]
      7. The only true authority stems from knowledge, not from position…

    I’ll reverse the order, simultaneously asking my painful (because it presupposes a philosophical IS vs SHOULD clash) universal (because it applies at any level of societal structure) question, 

      How can the right epistemology prevail over misguided power to fulfill #7, and how can the No.Time.Scourge be suspended to fulfill #5?

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