Continuation HERE (admission: has a bite to it and, hopefully, a hold as well)

Is “average” all that average?
An “…Average Girl” blog triggered this (for me, unchracteristically temperamental) 2-post rant that had been building up to an explosion thanks to people getting into the habit of declaring Inexceptionality [i.e. themselves inexceptional], including in social media like WP.

Is the “average” statement objective–honest, self-ironic–self-censoring, self-defensive–preventive… Or belligerent–rebellious vis a vis the dominant stereotypes of “success”, “beauty”, “hi IQ”,… AND the criteria thereof, which shape the cybernetic (in the etymological “steering”/”controlling” sense) moulds crushing and ripping through bodies, minds and hearts that “unfortunately”, “somehow”, don’t quite “fit”, “belong” wherever~whenever~ however…?

Every.Single.Person who was and will ever be born Is.Special, and building first-last~top-bottom~most-least invidious, dichotomous, (self-)destructive hierarchies generates unfulfillment, scarily-easily scalable to resentment, bitterness and beyond…, which is epistemologically-axiologically and, if you like, morally wrong! On the analogy of “Black Is Beautiful”,

I submit: “Average” Is “Amazing”!  (formulation as ES principle)

A few What-if’s
Aren’t self-esteem and another’s worth a question of discovering – AND, to start with, tenaciously searching for – what your own Uniqueness is, and not hindering, on the contrary, respecting, and ideally, believing in and supporting others in their own quest?!

What if a competitive attitude wasn’t expected of the “successful” nor was it a sure path to societal recognition? Conversely, what if having talent and receiving praise by some didn’t turn one into a lighting rod for the destructive attitude of others?

If what each and every one of us could think~be~do entailed a non-replicable amalgam which was not in the face of but seen as benefitting others in one way or another, an “average” disclaimer would not be necessary as a way of declaring non-aggression, conveying good will, demonstrating likeability.

In my ES book, the AverageIsAmazing principle applies to both biotic and abiotic nature at large – every kitten, lion cub, tiger lily, grain of sand are unique and special, just for the fact of their existence – see posts ES Just Turned 3… and Jim Denevan’s Mayfly Perfection….

Things in Visual Perspective?
Scaling up from hypo-planetary physics, such as members of the global eco-system, and going for the macro-units of the universe, galaxies, here’s a funny thought to ponder:

How can one justify calling a galaxy “average”?

  • The Milky Way, our “home” galaxy
  • Other galaxies, spread throughout (pretty much) All Known Existence; A galactic foretaste–the Colliding Spiral Galaxies of Arp 271–that I promise does not help determine an (aesthetic, at least) “average”, since the images from the links above are no less “amazing”:
Galaxies also collide

Arp 271 Galaxies: Gemini Observatory, GMOS-South, NSF (USA)

Looping back to the level of planets, How “average” vs “amazing” is our own? NASA’s Earth Photo Gallery.

Links for Venus, Mars… ANYONE?

Continuation HERE (admission: has a bite to it and, hopefully, a hold as well)