… when people clapped it sounds just like water … Great song too I love Toto as well as a good thunderstorm something so refreshing and clean! I can almost smell the rain! Wonderful effect, it is so amazing!
  • Update: July 30, 2010Quoting AdAequitas on YouTube re Slovenian choir Perpetuum Jazzile:

    Posted on July 05, 2009:

  • Oil spills: domestically triggered in Florida, and foisted on Michigan by our neighbourly act grace à our very own Enbridge
  • University tuition fees rising
  • Faculty positions in the humanities, even more so than in the sciences, plummetting
  • One’s boyfriend throwing a turf control tantrum
  • A beautiful tropical plant reminiscent of Pandora’s flora, gifted to one just a week ago, waning away in one’s failing care…

Thought I (and perhaps some of the ES visitors???) could use a mood boost, so reposting a vid of controversial joy-conductor André Rieu. Make no mistake, he is Dutch, not French, and his announced concert in Toronto this coming Dec just might happen – nonsequiturs, for me at least, can be ticklishly hilarious, so hope they’d work for you too.