From Clean Air Alliance’s email list:

    Aug. 13 – 15, at Hart House, U of T. Three days of climate science and solutions — no sugar coating. With Bill McKibben, Andrew Weaver, Elizabeth May and more. Presented by U of T Greens and Toronto-Danforth Federal Green Party. It is a non-partisan event open to everyone. For more info and to register:

Re several among the 35 presenters announced:

The three keynote speakers mentioned above have been featured on ES’s “Researched CC-related Material” list, Print and Public Debates sections. They are people with a long track record in the CC discourse – Elizabeth May is the leader of the Canadian Greeen Party, lawyer by training. Andrew Weaver holds the Canada Research Chair in Climate Modeling and Analysis in the School of Earth and Ocean Sciences, University of Victoria, where he is a professor, and was also lead author in the IPCC-4 Report, Working Group I (scientists). Bill McKibben is likely the first author of a CC-related book targeting a larger audience – The End of Nature, 1990.

Another presenter featured on the ES blog is Jim Prall, who works for U of T’s Electrical & Computer Engineering department. He is the author of a database on climate scientists (see Websites section on the list above)

The youngest presenters–who caught my attention–have certainly earned a min of your time:

Gracen Johnson, an undergraduate student at the University of Guelph, Ontario, is majoring in International Development with an emphasis on the biophysical environmental, economics, and agriculture, and has extensive experience in social and environmental advocacy and event planning.

Corina Serda started to learn about the global impacts of climate change at age 10 and is currently in the top 10 presenters trained by Al Gore. (note to self: research this public edu venue, esp. as conducted for/by Canadians). Implementing the rhetorics of her training, I’d imagine, a quote from her profile: “If each of [the 25,000 people she is reported to have reached were to]  implement only 1 of her suggestions and inspire 2 others to do the same, more than 75,000 green acts would have been achieved across Ontario”.

Kimia Ghomeshi has built quite a record of activism, starting in high school, subsequently continuing with international participation, including Bolivia, COP15 in Copenhagen… Please see for yourselves! She’s currently based in Toronto.

Andrew Knox is a PhD candidate in the University of Toronto’s Chemical Environmental Engineering program, focusing on domestic energy efficiency and renewable energy in the building sector. He is a member of Transition Canada and a founding member of Transition Toronto, and is working with other cities to adapt the Transition model to the megacity scale, with which he is also familiar from the UK.

A photo and a name for Dan Dolderman,… but we needn’t stop here, as far as Young Spirit is concerned, right? 🙂