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Should environmental workshops, organized with the participation of a state-funded University, be so business-minded?!!! They had a September one in the same style.

On the other hand, there is also the disquieting option to “sell” prospective graduates to corporations in exchange for sponsorship during studies (see UofT’s longer-term plan).

How do developed European countries like Sweden manage to maintain their living standard while offering university education free of charge, even to students from other EU countries?

pls right-click and select View Img (on a PC) to expand the poster to full size; you can download too:

See re Dr Hansen’s talk at UofT last week, Sept 15–can’t say if there will be a podcast, like some of their events do.

That was the best alternative he had to offer to fossil fuel in his 2009 book, Storms of My Grandchildren, also at the interview on CBC Radio, December 2009. The resistance he noted in Germany and elsewhere in Europe (see account in his book) has obviously inspired him to try and prove how the technology is so advanced that it is absolutely safe to use it.

Call it prejudice, but after Chernobyl, credited with 985,000 deaths (no nukes e-list issue), mostly from cancer, not to mention the incinerated bodies around the time of the actual incident…, the disposal of nuclear waste itself, there are way to many variables for comfort–as far as I am concerned.

Notes to self:

1. Is there a sufficiently powerful alternative energy source that does not rely on fossil fuel or similar polluting resources, and nor does it harbour the destructive potential of nuclear power?

2. If there isn’t/aren’t, can we be wise (I’d say, ingenious too) enough to do better than “get by” on much less energy?

3. What kind of energy sources/technologies was someone like Slovenian Nikola Tesla developing/considering? If developed, would they have made the difference I am groping for?

4. Also, Is there a way to circumvent the production of electrical energy through water, wind power, solar radiation? My concern on this point is that living organisms on earth have their own electromagnetic fields, including us humans, so that technoscience would have to take into account a huge number of parameters to try and exclude infelicitous and downright dangerous interference with multiple and sufficiently different biomagnetic fields.

You can try the No Nukes e-list for an alternative view to Dr Hansen’s, pasting below an article from one of their recent mailings:

September 29, 2010 Public Hearing – Shipment of Radioactive Steam Generators

[note: the plan is to ship 16 radioactive steam generators out of Owen Sound Harbour, via the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River, to a recycling facility in Sweden. This time we’re not exporting toxics to a “3rd world” country!]

The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) will hold a one-day public hearing to consider the application by Bruce Power for a transport license to ship 16 radioactive steam generators through the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Seaway to Sweden for “recycling” in the fall of 2010, from Owen Sound, Ontario.  Each steam generator weighs about 100 metric tonnes.

Concern has been expressed about two dangerous precedents (1) allowing the transport of radioactive wastes through the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Seaway; and (2) allowing contaminated metal from CANDUs to be melted and sold as scrap for unrestricted use. As recently as 2008, Bruce Power and CSC said the decommissioned steam generators cannot be recycled and stated that they will be stored on-site as radioactive waste.

Please consider intervening at the hearing. Deadline to file the outline of your submission is Sept. 13. You can send in a written presentation, and/or present in person in Ottawa or via teleconference. You can file your submission via email to or by completing the online form available at:

It is also important to have many spectators at the hearing, so please attend even if you are not an intervenor. The hearing will be webcast live on September 29.

To find out more about the issue go to:

To be added or removed from the No Nukes News Mailing list, visit

apologies for the misspelled typo in mycket [was: mykke–per pronunciation :(]


To three fine genthlemen, and many others on and off UofS campus:

Alphabetically, David, Eric, Petri; A real lady, her brother and a friend of his; a number of bright climate-related and situated minds at Svante Arrhenius No 8 (right between No 12 and No 16–not joking)…

I never expected to be showered with so much eco-consonance BUT who’s complaining… 🙂


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