I’ve been reading Bateson (and about) lately, with tremendous pleasure–credits to E.B.!!!–and am posting below an image that caught my aesthetic-ecosonic attention:

Bateson and Mead leaving Bali for New Guinea 1938
From the Library of Congress exhibition pages of Margaret Mead

The story of the image quoted:

    When Mead and Bateson departed for New Guinea, their Balinese secretary, I Madé Kalér, commissioned a painting from one of Bali’s most notable painters to commemorate the occasion. 
    The painting shows Mead and Bateson leaving Bali and heading for New Guinea on a boat. The Balinese are on one shore and the Papua New Guineans on the other, with Mead and Bateson in the center.
    At the top, the Balinese volcano spells out “goodbye” and “good luck.” Below and to the right, the New Guinea volcano says “welcome.”