a lead regarding possible answers to some of my queries re entanglement:

Nasdeau, Robert and Menas Kafatos (2001) The Non-local Universe. The New Physics and Matters of the Mind. Oxford University Press.
(Robert Nasdeau is a historian of sci, and Menas Kafatos is a physicist, both from George Mason University)

All particles in the history of the cosmos have interacted with other particles in the manner revealed by the Aspect experiments [referred to as proof of the quantum mechanic nature f reality]. Virtually everything in our immediate physical environment is made up of quanta that have been interacting with other quanta in this manner form the big bang to the present….
Also consider…that quantum entanglement grows exponentially with the number of particles involved in the original quantum state and that there is not theoretical limit on the number of these entangled particles. If this is the case, the universe on a very basic level could be a vast web of particles, which remain in contact with one another over any distance in “no time” in the absence of transfer of energy or information. This suggests, however strange or bizarre it might seem, that all of physical reality is a single quantum system that responds together to further interactions. (p.82)

We can no longer rationalize [quantum] strangeness away by presuming that it applies only to the quantum world. Bohr was correct in his assumption that we live in a quantum mechanical universe and that classical physics represents a higher-level approximation of the dynamics of this universe. If this is so, then the epistemological situation in the quantum realm should be extended to apply to all physics. (p.100)