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From the yearnings above, on to the “Xmas side of things”, an Internet search on “walk in beauty” yielded a quote to ponder from a Christian devotional address:
There is a poetic phrase in Navajo folklore that goes something like this: “May I walk in beauty–beauty behind me, beauty in front of me, beauty above and beneath me, and beauty all around me.” To a Navajo, to “walk in beauty” simply means to be happy and to have peace of mind and peace with oneself; to be happy and at peace with others; to be happy and at peace with the environment and the world; and to be happy and at peace with the Great Spirit.
and the conclusion–a Navajo-Christian fusion:
My brothers and sisters, may our Heavenly Father’s divine care and inspiration always attend you. May you think in beauty, may you talk in beauty, may you live in beauty–beauty before you, beauty behind you, beauty above and beneath you, beauty all around you in all of your days here on earth and into the eternities–I humbly pray…
delivered by George P Lee at Brigham Young University on 13 February 1979