update Dec 30: apologies, my dates were off — a day behind. NASA pages.

This year’s winter solstice on Monday/Tuesday coincided with a Full.Lunar.Eclipse, which astronomers announced hadn’t happened for 372 years. I was sound asleep during the crucial 72min (starting at 2:41am on Dec 21, Tues, Toronto time) + more time of lunar beauty before and after, and am soooo happy to attribute to the fact astrological significance — many more sleepful nights, for as many years as I have.

HOWEVER, on my way back from campus, I took a few photos of the luminary huddled between Toronto’s downtown buildings. From a streetcar, puzzling my fellow streetcar riders. I’ve inserted a pointer in the photo, because without it one would be wondering which of the light globes illuminating the urboscape might be the pre-eclipse Moon. Enjoy:


For lovers of space views, a multitude of links to (NASA) photos here, not necessarily of lunar eclipses.