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A York University event: Douglas Copeland and B. W. Powe in conversation about everything McLuhan, and in particular, his 2009 biography by Copeland (which is quite a read to experience, playing with layout, text, genres…, in Copeland’s suitably customized signature style; but more importantly, unfolding an ecosonically “related” view of the McLuhan bio scene)

What gave this blog its title is a quote from the book Powe highlighted–it really presents (to my knowledge & mind) the most generous and (hopefully) rewarding interpretation of what McLuhan’s message and its medium were/are about.

This is how the YorkU community gives campus directions when you ask!!!
[hand of Steve, hand-drawn map by same; shaky hand taking photo mine–was in a rush, and only made it on time for the beginning because sb got snow-bound]

The book titled (frugally or/but right on, depending on the p.o.v.) Marshall McLuhan, in the appropriately named Series “Extraordinary Canadians”, is to be published by Atlas & Company in March 2011 in the US as “Marshall McLuhan: You Know Nothing of my Work!”

The American title uses part of the lines prof McLuhan-as-himself utters in Woody Allen’s movie Annie Hall. But IMHO he also says something much more mcluhan: “you mean my whole fallacy’s wrong? …”

youtube credit: drkatzjr27 | July 29, 2009

I say “utters” because he comes across somewhat un-McLuhan compared to so many recordings of him: see&hear for yourselves–re hot & cool media; ecological responsibility for effects of technology; prophecies, etc.–from the site built with the participation of one of his daughters, Stephanie McLuhan (credit for the reference: McLuhan Legacy Network).

The pleasure is both the e-publishers’ and the viewers’, I’d expect; one can see-hear what they mean by saying that McLuhan took after his “piece of works” actress-elocutionist mother, Elsie Naomi McLuhan (née Hall).