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Toronto Legacy project commemorative plaque, grace a Heritage Toronto (click img to expand)

Toronto home 1955-1963

McLuhan home in Toronto 1955-1963


I’m still gearing up to look through the photos, edit and choose 1-2 (while finishing a paper on whether graduate programs should and can “swing,” a.o.t.), and June 27th is receding in the past. So, on with the blurb alone:

This year being Prof McLuhan’s centenary (b.July 21, Edmonton, Alberta), the City of Toronto set up a commemorative plaque in front of the first (perhaps?) home in which the family lived here. It is located in a lovely neighbourhood, on Wells Hill Avenue. Present at the ceremony were three of Marshall and Corinne McLuhan’s six children, Teri, Elizabeth, and Michael, and grandchildren Anna, Gwen, Arthur and Scott. Also in attendance were members of the McLuhan100 Committee, York University professors Dominique Scheffel Dunand (chair of the currently symbolic “McLuhan Program in Culture and Technology” at UofT), Paul Hoffert, B.W.Powe, and Mozilla’s executive director Mark Surman, who also MC-ed the event–admirably. After speeches by UofT President David Naylor and iSchool Dean Seamus Ross, it was the turn of Elizabeth, Michael and Teri to speak.

Elizabeth McLuhan, second youngest child, shared childhood memories of the neighbourhood, her friends and schoolmates…
Michael McLuhan, youngest child, mentioned that the University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, of which McLuhan is a double (BA and MA) and distinguished graduate, dedicated a hall in his name, and the Winnipeg home of the McLuhans is property of the university and serves to host visiting scholars…
Teri McLuhan, third child, told the story of Glen Gould coming to visit the family in the wintertime, in a long black coat and galoshes. He would thrust his head into Marshall’s study, bark a greeting, then head to the piano and entertain the family playing, also chatting with the children. At some point he would get up and leave, and “12 min later,” Teri said, the phone would ring, and a familiar voice would ask to speak to “your father,” and Gould and McLuhan would talk for quite a while. Apparently, they made ample use of the telephone, which McLuhan theorized about, too.

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