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The McLuhan Legacy Network seems to have been carrying most of the honorous (wink) burden, admirably well. Check out their

  • Official blog, published by Dr Alex Kuskis, Gonzaga University faculty
  • FB page, managed by Maeve Doyle, University of Toronto

Among other high points:

July 20
Panel Reading and Publishing: Paper or Screen, with the participation of, eg, Jian Gomeshi, Q host, CBC Radio, followed by one on McLuhan’s Poetics: Modernism and Media, with the participation of, eg, Paul Hoffert, moderated by Bruce Elder, devout and deep-thinking McLuhanist, Ryerson University professor, Governor General Awardee for film making, among other distinctions.

July 21
Birthday gala. Eric McLuhan, first-born child and closest collaborator of Marshall McLuhan, received the 1st MLN Award for Promoting the McLuhan Legacy (paraphrasing), John Ralston Saul reeceived the 1st MLN Award for Penmanship and Social Engagement (my interpretation of the title). The previously introduced Michael McLuhan took the audience through several generations of McLuhan history through a slide show of photos from the family album.

The event was moderated by MLN co-chairs Bob Logan, emeritus professor of physics at UT & faculty at OCADU, and Joel Alleyne, doctoral student and instructor, iSchool/UT.

July 22&23
Installation at Ryerson University, curated by Sal Greco, Ryerson instructor, designer and camera wiz. Displays of over 80 media, interspersed (mostly) with McLuhan quotes. Also see-hear bites of the Master, as McLuhan is called by many.

July 24 – last MLN events day–so still a chance for Ecosonance readers to check here and go, perhaps (???)
Mass at St Basil Church, close to St Mike’s College, UT (a long story about McLuhan and his conversion and devotion to Catholicism, though I’d insist the Christian faith, rather)
Preceded by the last MLN panel, “Spirit of a Winnipigeon” (McLuhan did 2 uni degrees at U Manitoba, in Winnipeg, Canada, before a PhD at Cambridge)

A couple of events through the City of Toronto’s McLuhan100:

July 18
The 2nd of many Monday Night Seminars, which McLuhan used to hold at the Coach House, led by journalist Jesse Hirsch, member of McLuhan100 Board.

July 21
A DesignMeets event at the Coach House, to my knowledge given to Prof McLuhan several years after he was appointed Director of the Centre for Culture and Technology, UT, superseded by the McLuhan Program in Culture and Technology after his demise in 1980. Participants were given quotes of “probes” from McLuhan’s The Book of Probes to do what I’d call mind-searching on.

Another post about my own probe upcoming.

So, as Jian Ghomeshi signs off–adopted by a number of students on class blogs–2B continued


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