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*Multi-Culture Is Our Business* events

OISE Library, ground floor, July 25 – July 29 Aug 2, 2011

The *Multi-Culture Is Our Business* events speak to the multi-cultural reality of an increasingly globalized world and mutually permeating academic-disciplinary and other epistemologies. At the same time, the series of events gestures to Culture Is Our Business, a book by University of Toronto Professor of English H. Marshall McLuhan (1911 – 1980), whose 100th birthday on July 21, 2011, is being honored by over two hundred events around the world, including in Toronto, during his birth date week and throughout 2011.

The OISE events for the week of July 25 – July 29, 2011, include two invited presentations, an exhibition of posters on the history of Indian Cinema, and round tables of improvised discussions of those attending on topics such as education, music and art, history, etc., across cultures—genetic or disciplinary. These events are partly sponsored by the Centre for Diversity and Leadership at OISE. Invited opening remarks from: Dr Alex Kuskis, OISE gradu-ate, Gonzaga University faculty; Dr Bob Scott, Ryerson University, Dr John Portelli, Professor, CDL-TPS/UToronto.

I. “Zooming in on Technological Mediation: The Bi-Dichotomous Approach”

Presenter: Yoni Van Den Eede, visiting doctoral resear-cher from the Vrije Universiteit Brussels, Belgium, Department of Philosophy & Moral Sciences. He applies continental philo-sophy to questions of the social impacts of media and techno-logy, and is the author of  “‘Conversation of Mankind’ or ‘Idle Talk’?: A Pragmatist Approach to Social Networking Sites,” (2010) and “In Between Us: On the Transparency and Opacity of Technological Mediation” (2011). Yoni is the organizer of McLuhan’s Philosophy of Media – Centennial Conference, Brussels, October 2011.

UPDATE, post Yoni’s talk: Please note that the “In Between Us” article contains some of Yoni’s presentation for the Multi-Culture series.

Date & Time: Monday, July 25, 11 am – 12:30 pm, including 30 min discussion

II. “On Communication & Multiculturalism”

Presenter: Filomena Maria Avelina Bomfim, professor of Social Communication (Journalism), University of Sao Joao, Brazil. Her current research interests prioritize work on culture, technology and inter-disciplinarity, especially in view of McLuhan’s theories, more specifically, the McLuhan Tetrads as a methodology for research on new media. She has a number of presentations and publications, among which most recently a coedited volume titled (in translation from Portuguese) Regional Sound: The voices of Local People (2010), and a coauthored one in progress.

Date & Time: Tuesday, July 26, 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm, including 30 min discussion

III. Exhibition on the history of Indian Cinema
Dates: Monday July 24 – Friday, July 29

UPDATE: Friday, July 29 & Saturday, July 30 (Applying to extend into Aug)

UPDATE: Well, only until Aug 2, but there will be other showings

IV. Round tables, with improvised discussion of “focal objects” (in Albert Borgmann’s sense)

Dates: July 25 & 26, following the keynote talk