For those who happened to miss the McLuhan display at Ryerson University, comprising over 80 types of communication media, a light brush with The Marshall McLuhan Ballad, though NOT with Sal Greco’s, shall we say, groovy video complement.

This one, posted on Vimeo by Randall Acronym helps along with their song lyrics.


Oh, and speaking of MM-related puns, “Winnipigeon” from today’s MLN panel title refers, of course, to the Master himself, who flew away from Winnipeg, plus was used to “flying” as a matter of course. On the authority of Prof. Richard Osicki, panel moderator, who also announced this year’s Award to father Pierre Babin, who co-auhtored a book with McLuhan, related to Catholicism. Check out the panel announcement, if curious enough.

Pub info, snatched for you from
Autre homme, autre chretien a l’age electronique by Marshall McLuhan and Pierre Babin
ISBN 2702302998 / 9782702302996 / 2-7023-0299-8
Publisher: Chalet
Country: France
Edition: Hardcover