Missed only most of day 1 upon return from Europe. This is how tiny and manageable my flight back looked on the monitor on the plane, but felt veeeery different, as always since the accident all those years ago.
Over the remaining 3 days, took tons of notes. November 7-10 was my 7th conference for 2011, and the first one ever to attend w/o a presentation of my own. Big difference in pure-delight levels 🙂 !!!

Logically, chose to take photos of the panel on education, convened by Alex Kuskis, with the participation of Kathy Hutchon Kawasaki, Eric McLuhan, Bob Logan, and Norm Friesen. FYI, Kathy and Eric co-authored with Marshall McLuhan a book, City as classroom: Understanding language and media, collecting in it experiences from their respective teaching practice, K12 in the former case, college [in the Canadian sense] in the latter.

Panel, left to right: Alex Kuskis, moderator, Norm Friesen, Kathy Kawasaki, Eric McLuhan, and speaking Bob Logan.

A view of the main conference hall:

BONUS links

An interview with Bob Logan on the MLN blog, Dec. 15, 2011: “Bob Logan Reminisces on Marshall McLuhan: Who Invented the Alphabet?”

Bob’s collection of McLuhan’s prophetic quotes re the future we are all living now: July 2011 presentation at OCAD University, during McLuhan Centenary conference.