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When Sunday, January 15, 2012
Time 2:00pm until 4:00pm


Centre for Women’s Studies in Education presents:
Historical Trauma and Theatrical Approach to Healing:
Featuring Red Snow writer and producer Diana Tso

This creative hands-on workshop allows participants to use their bodily feelings and visual imaginations to make sense… of histories of wars and genocides in which one may be implicated as descendants of the victims and/or aggressors. Interactive sessions with Diana also reveals how actors, the director and herself approached Nanjing Massacre as the lived history of actual people and have made it their own stories through the creation of Red Snow.

Flexible and fun in format, each activity touches upon questions asked in the contemporary practices of remembrance and reconciliation, exploring ways to narrate, express and recollect wars and genocides without reproducing us-and-them divides while acknowledging marginalized voices.

Free Admission.
Seating is limited. Please inform your attendance in advance to:
OISE is located near TTC St. George Station, between Bedford St. and St. George St. on Bloor Street.

Red Snow premieres in Toronto January 14 -28, 2012
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