Sharing with you a person I “met” through his site. Have emailed, inviting him to “visit” ES with photos, of which he has a whole lot of wealth. From orchids, to how to make Middle Eastern yoghurt, and … [the reason I found the site… ] what the “reflex arc” (in physiology and psychology) is all about. About the last one of which founder of educational philosophy John Dewey had a number of memorable things to say.

He responded, YES!!! So more coming up.

Update: Jan 25, 2012

Happy to introduce a rich life through a website’s photographic eye: pix 1-3 below from site, #4 is my screen shot. CLICK on image to go there.

reflex arc page:


some lived American history–1960s:

How’s this for a teaching record–complete with photos!!!:

My exchanges with Prof Fankhauser, to my greatest delight ecosonic, if I may make the claim.

Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2012 04:32:17 -0500
From: lynne.alexandrova
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Subject: Re: Use of my web material on your blog on the reflex arc
To: Fankhauser, David
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Dear Prof Fankhauser,

If I may, “Joy to the world!” to your reply. By “find” I meant your
life, as reflected by your site. Since all I do, think,… breathe, if
you like, is potentially research, I am posting this exchange–as an
illustration of ecosonic communication–editing out anything (except
David B. Fankhauser, PhD) in the way of “personal info,” even what can
be found by following the link to your site–if a visitor to ES
opts to make the effort.

The part below I can edit back in, with your permission:
[giving here sig file info]

I’ll be in touch–
Lynne Alexandrova

Quoting “Fankhauser, David (fankhadb)” <>:

> Dear Lynne Alexandrova:
> I am happy to have my work used for educational purposes, with
> appropriate citation of my page(s) from which the material was
> derived.
> Thank you for your warm communication, and asking for permission to
>  use my material.  You were ecstatic?!  You made my day!  😉  If I
>  get a degree of this reaction from my students, I think I have more
>  that done my job!
> Could you let me know when you have made use of the material, and
> provide the URL to your blog?  I am eager to see how you use it.
> David B. Fankhauser, PhD
[signature file edited out]
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> From: lynne.alexandrova@***
> Sent: Monday, January 23, 2012 7:41 PM
> To: Fankhauser, David
> Subject: invitation for virtual presence
> Dear Prof Fankhauser,
> I recently came across your website while doing research on the reflex
> arc in psychology, and was
> ecstatic about the find.
> If at all possible, I’d like to invite your virtual visit to my blog
> in the form of posting a few of your images, with credits to you(r
> website).
> THANK you for sharing your life–rewarding to take a glimpse of it,
> even for the chance visitor!
> I do look forward to your reply–certainly at your convenience.
> Kind regards–
> Lynne Alexandrova
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> doctoral student
> University of Toronto
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