update: March 31, 2012

Well, since no one has the time to really read into what is written, as closely as a literary critic might, I thought I’d serve something really compressed. A lot goes on in the tweetosphere, brevity is becoming the prevalent email and conference presentations ethics, there are already tweet-length novels being published… For a couple of years now I do not think I have come up with anything more essential and far-reaching, which hardly needs more words. What I find especially significant, it has always been “old knowledge” to the species, very obvious, too, even if we have somehow consistently failed to actually implement it.

working on it 🙂  … the (rationale for the tweet-size) doctoral thesis, that is.

considered calling this post “An Apology for…,” but decided to keep the title the same as the official version, to avoid any mistaken readings of a defensive stance on a point that dos not need “defending,” just exposition and appreciation.

I cannot believe, what a good conversation I am having with WP! Consider the comment on this post:

Sometimes when I think how good my book can be, I can hardly breathe. — Truman Capote