A follow-up on (likely) the most fulfilling gathering of academic minds and bodies I’ve been a part of–PES2012, Pittsburgh, March 22-26, 2012. Thoughts coming up… meanwhile,  Elephant is clickable:

art by British artist Banksy, Barely Legal exhibition, LA, Sept. 2006

Thanking Katrina Dillon’s conference pres for the lead to the image, and associated thoughts. Her “elephant”—morality incorporated into critical theory 🙂

BTW, if you happen to go to Pittsburgh, you can see now:

on April 12:

both at

I did enjoy going for a stroll and looking at the buildings, many of which Old World-style. My photos of the “Stockholm” bridges (at least 3 in the close vicinity of the hotel) did not come out–to my greatest frustration. Taking that as a good sign: another Pittsburgh trip in the future 🙂

So, sending you instead to a bunch of online photos, and here’s how Kathleen McHugh (Pittsburgh Gifted Center) proposes to use these artifacts for math/cultural history lessons. With over 440 bridges in the city, it must be quite a workout for kindergarten-grade 8 kids who visit the Center every day!!!