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Apparently, the most important holiday in Cambodia, my friend P.L. tells me.  He hasn’t celebrated New Year in Cambodia for 5 years now, and really misses the experience.

My superficial search came up with a Canadian Cambodian Association of Ontario, based in Toronto, which caters to Cambodians in Canada, and a US-Cambodian initiative, arranging for Cambodian Studies in the country itself, for English and French speaking international fellows as well as Cambodian fellows. BTW, if you do chance to visit the former site, they are looking for volunteers, on the latter site you may find announcements about fellowships and instructors for their programs.

In honor of the Khmer/Cambodian New Year, some photos–thanks to online sources:

Sooah zdai cham tmai!!! [Happy New Year in Khmer (pronounced /kmai/)]

starting with the youngest darlings:

something more everyday-like

and the impressive

This is a dance on the 1st day of the 3-day Cambodian New Year celebration (April 13, 14, and 15), called “Rabam [dance] Trot [deer-like animal]” So, look for the guy who impersonates the “deer”