In this presentation I study the epistemological “self-similarity” obtaining between the early pragmatists, on the one hand, and Gregory Bateson, on the other. Most of the 68 images are screenshots from Nora Bateson’s documentary. Needless to say, for these I give full credit to the movie creators, and ask any potential users of the file to do the same–in agreement with the Creative Commons License copyright attribution requirement for noncommercial use.

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Nora remembers:

He was always learning—from everyone and everything around him— from the dog, from the fish tank, from the scientists who came to visit, from poetry, from art work, from me. And as a child, I learned from him that learning never stops.
* * *
… I used to sit on the floor beside him drawing pictures and listening while he gave lectures. Even then, it seemed to me that he was peering through a trap door to the inner workings of life.