For those who know about the cuts at the National Archives of Canada, the development is certainly symptomatic Pasting below a message distributed to the CCA list:

From: CCA-List- Canadian Communications Association [CCA-LIST@LISTS.MCGILL.CA] on behalf of Sandra Gabriele [S.Gabriele@CONCORDIA.CA]
Dear Colleagues,

Please see below the letter below written by the influential Bibliographical Society of Canada regarding the recent cuts to Library and Archives Canada. Janet Friskney, who has forwarded the letter to me, tells me that they have had responses so far from 4 MPs — 3 NDP and 1 Liberal.
Please circulate to any other lists that might find this interesting.
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From: Janet Friskney
The Bibliographical Society of Canada has recently sent a letter to ALL MPs in Canada that poses the question: do the recent cuts at Library and Archives Canada place the institution in a position where it can no longer meet its legislated mandate under the Library and Archives Canada Act?
We’ve posted a copy of the letter to the society’s website:
Many thanks,