In case you haven’t come across it, the URL is FYI, the archive contains lectures in several file formats.

Among the speakers is Perimeter’s director, Dr Neil Turok, who qualifies for titles in the range of mathematician,  theoretical/mathematical physicist, cosmologist. In his interview with CBC Radio Ideas host Paul Kennedy he confesses to trying “to connect things like love and hope with physics” (2012 CBC Massey Lectures, lecture 1). Paul Kennedy invites him to explain a quote from his layperson-friendly book The Universe Within: “We are analog beings, living in a digital world, facing a quantum future”

(Note the bridge from Turok’s Love-Hope-Physics nexus to the title of one of the best-known collections of Charles Sanders Peirce’ works Chance, Love and Logic)

Turok’s 2008 TED Prize talk:

Youtube credit: Uploaded on Mar 20, 2008, TEDtalksDirector