…to which I owe the links for Peirce’s terms synechism (conceptualization of {absolute} chance) and tychism (conceptualization of {universal} continuity) in my previous post. Peirce alternated the latter concept with agapism (cosmic love).

What’s really rewarding for the web-browsing eye/mind is that some of the papers presented at Club meetings/conferences are accessible through their website here. They have been able to attract “names” in semiotics/related fields of exploration.

As to the online dictionary of Peircean terms, I’d consider it a special strength that it comprises original Peirce quotes to illustrate each entry. Kudos to its editors, Mats Bergman & Sami Paavola and its contributors:

The COMMENS Dictionary of Peirce’s Terms. Peirce’s Terminology in His Own Words (If u want to contribute quotes: use the form)

Starting with the term “commens” itself as an especially apt name for the website:

“…that mind into which the minds of utterer and interpreter have to be fused in order that any communication should take place … may be called the commens. It consists of all that is, and must be, well understood between utterer and interpreter, at the outset, in order that the sign in question should fulfill its function.” (Charles S. Peirce, 1906, emphases by Ecosonance)