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Arts and science practitioners – from across Canada and abroad – are invited to contribute to the formation of a temporary body of water in a gallery space by gathering snow samples this winter as a form of extrinsic artistic practice about place and precipitation.

In April 2014, the resulting reservoir of snowmelt will be convened into an immersive, elemental water installation in Toronto.

Entitled Vernal Pool, this season-based, participatory art project references the ephemeral wetland ecosystems that form in springtime from melting snow and rainwater. Following the exhibition, the pool will be returned to the earth through a collective watering of gardens and urban greenspaces.

A participatory art project about place + precipitation: Produced by Karen Abel with Jessica Marion Barr, the project will be exhibited at the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto as part of Grow Op: Exploring Landscape + Place, curated by landscape architect Victoria Taylor. View + download the PDF here.

Opening Reception Fri April 25 2014 | 7-10pm Gladstone Hotel | Toronto ON

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Stephen Morris
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