since “we” are reading Martin Hedegger’s Being and Time (in English)…

Starting at low-battery output,

UNVEILING I. Here’s a magic fireplace, with dancing 2-colour flames

  • veiled (you’re right, because my very own hand shook; but the glass IS double):

  • unveiled (well, almost, because the camera used is way too slow):

guess where, at a local Tim Horton’s

Hoopla!!! for their 50th Anniversary this year 🙂 🙂 🙂




UNVEILING II. A “relative” (throwing in some Indigenous/Buddhist understanding — to which, on certain points, Heidegger seems to be quite close)

  • approach respectfully,

  • closer,

  • now from the other side,

  • a little more…

at which point the relative was gone. Disclosure foreclosed.


UNVEILING III. You don’t get what you may expect

  • enter reverently (for Prof Heidegger was trained initially in theology, right?)

  • look to your left, yes a tree sprawled on the ground, and why not?!

  • straight ahead, you might think you’d step into the light of full disclosure,

but No, just the busy road to the East of our ownmost High Park.

My beautiful picture

Ah, well…

By way of compensation, I walked further South toward the lake, to select a more artistic shot, such as the graffiti in the underpass, not forgetting a vehicular sample — see how fast it was,

…or how slow the camera   🙂 🙂 🙂