Well, it turns out, Toronto’s MaRS Centre will be hosting an HTML500 event, i.e. a crash course of sorts in HTML coding for near-beginners. One way to read Marit Mitchell’s UofT News article on the subject can be an ironic

* * * We Must Surrender * * *


* * * Learn to Code * * *

Well, those who may still be resisting 🙂 🙂 🙂

(It is certainly fun to be causing “stuff” to happen on your blog, for example, even minimally)

But isn’t that the way with so many technologies??? Irresistible???

I confess

I am one of

the progressively fewer


for example

And NO, I do not deserve that much credit — I CAN STILL AFFORD IT, — for now.

  • Don’t have to get my job assignments by cell phone
  • Don’t need ongoing W3 searches for this or that
  • Don’t have to tag that way teenage kids
  • Ergo: Can still “wax environmental”

So, if you’d be interested, and happen to be in T.O.

And should you need a boost,

On the dangers of cell phones — see Dr Devra Davis’s Huffington Post article “Beyond Brain Cancer: Other Possible Dangers of Cell Phones”