Launched: April 14, 2010.

This is the blog of Lynne Alexandrova – one of many doctoral students around the world, in this particular case, at the University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada. In most general terms, the blog is about Human Relatedness to Self, Other, Nature –  so practically about anybody and anything, with an enhanced focus on ways to harmonize said Relatedness.

Lynne’s thoughts will be posted as they come. Needless to say, your comments are welcome – your diverging/converging points of view will no doubt enrich and further the discussion.

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Footnote: March 31, 2012

Re the design of the neologism “ecosonance” /’eekouso’naans/ (roughly, “ecological relatedness/attunement”), I rely on the justification of new terms in philosophy (and science) by Charles Sanders Peirce, founder of semiotics. A.m.o.t., I do believe the ecosonance concept is robust enough to merit a name of its own–see my 1-page doctoral thesis.