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The question now, is,

  • Knowing that paradigms like the one mapped by Siobhan Senier (2013) existed,
  • whereby dichotomies around alternative gender, human/nature, and now “dis-ability”
  • did not tear the social fabric,
  • how do we, situated in “developed” countries, can best stitch our societies up?

Well, “Another Story” started celebrating Columbus-Day-In-Reverse over the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend:

photo taken on the eve of — Oct. 9, 2016 Sunday

Canada and the US share the same history with the same implications of celebrating, “being grateful for last year’s harvest” (the official meaning of our Thanksgiving in October, their in November). The connection to land, therefore “settlement” on it when it was neither “discovered” per se, nor terra nullius (Lat. “empty land”) as such.

BUT, history does remember occasions when Indigenous people were invited to celebrate with the newcomers, and there’s also the Indigenous tradition of thanksgiving and renewing relationships with land and every (both “living” and “non-living”) thing on it.

so, indeed:     Happy Indigenous Land! — Every Holy Day

Well, of ALL the Vietnamese food i’ve ever tried, last Sunday’s restaurant experience was a series of taste shocks 🙂

Actually, unpleasant for the very first time!

No idea how i achieved it, but whatever i ordered tasted TERRIBLE.

BUT, the proverbially foul-smelling DURIAN smoothie actually did not Smell bad, just Tasted yucky.

A close second was the dip for the main dish, which felt literally like a thick solution of Baking Soda.

The rest was fine, if that’s the qualifier for Superbly Bland rice and veggies.

No worries — after all, it was a cross-cultural experience.

update post-Txgiving — the durian images & website were a broken link, so ES had to substitute something livelier…

Here’s a totally different perspective on “the King of Fruits”:


Here’s a totally different perspective on “the King of Fruits”:


Keeping links, just in case they come to life at some point 🙂

Credits: “Durians: 8 Myths and Facts About the King of Fruits” By Teresa Cheong for Health Xchange (not dated, as far as I can tell)

Tania uses silver and natural bio-material, such as peach pits, tagua pits, cow skin to create all kinds of imaginative designs.

If you are wondering about TAGUA, well, it’s standard jewellery design material, it seems:

A “Latin Art Jewelry” website explains that it takes several months from the moment the tagua nuts are collected to the moment the product is made and ready for sale. The tagua nut is a dried seed from the tagua palm tree, which grows in the tropical rain forests of South America (Ecuador, Colombia, Peru and Brazil). Tagua is known as “natural ivory” or “vegetable ivory”, because of its similarity with ivory — it’s hard, unbreakable, resistant and beautiful.

BUT — tells us the website — “tagua is natural, they don’t have to kill elephant in order to get it”.


How’s that for an understanding of…



A random discovery today — worth noting 🙂

So, let us recall the PEACE ONE DAY project of Jeremy Gilley


From: Peace One Day’s YouTube ABOUT page

In 1999, Jeremy Gilley founded Peace One Day, a non-profit organization, and in 2001 Peace One Day’s efforts were rewarded when the member states of the United Nations unanimously adopted the first ever day of global ceasefire and non-violence on 21 September annually – Peace Day. To find out more visit: Stay up-to-date here:


*     *     *

“The Day After Peace” (2008) movie in full (1h 20min):


Do note the “peace implications” of most “UN weeks” below:

you would have seen this poster in Toronto, i imagine?!

including in the window of variety stores that — by the additional looks of it —




whether someone attempted to scratch the merchandize evidence out — see top left above

SOOOooo, …

I couldn’t agree more with the concluding sentence above of a Star editorial some 10 days ago…

10, 000 by end of 2015 — 15,000 less than declared by PM Justing Trudeau during his election campaign this Fall. AND, 10,000 in addition to campaign promise, and perhaps more, later in 2016.

Article: HERE with Trudeau photo to brighten it up:

Thus, food for thought on

Weeelll, it is exciting to watch

— at 3:00/3:30 pm-ish, on a mild December Friday afternoon —

how the vote count soars, in front of your eyes

59,744 signatures at 3:25

840 at 4:05


SUCCESS to Andrea Horvath’s campaign to stop Hydro One’s privatization!

[announced goal is 60,000 sig’s; the time frame = “a little over a week” yesterday THU]

seems safe to bet that we’ll hit the mark in les than 24h (received emailed link THU around noon)

On Toronto Star’s watch:

  • Thu Oct 29 2015 article by  Queen’s Park Bureau Chief

image caption states:

In his first-ever report to the legislature, Ontario budget watchdog [IF I may, we could have done without this “title”] Stephen LeClair said the sale of 60 per cent of Hydro One would hike the already massive provincial debt by slashing revenue. More…

a humorous post that somehow hadn’t gotten posted for awhile 🙂

img credit: free stock images

Well, it turns out, Toronto’s MaRS Centre will be hosting an HTML500 event, i.e. a crash course of sorts in HTML coding for near-beginners. One way to read Marit Mitchell’s UofT News article on the subject can be an ironic

* * * We Must Surrender * * *


* * * Learn to Code * * *

Well, those who may still be resisting 🙂 🙂 🙂

(It is certainly fun to be causing “stuff” to happen on your blog, for example, even minimally)

But isn’t that the way with so many technologies??? Irresistible???

I confess

I am one of

the progressively fewer


for example

And NO, I do not deserve that much credit — I CAN STILL AFFORD IT, — for now.

  • Don’t have to get my job assignments by cell phone
  • Don’t need ongoing W3 searches for this or that
  • Don’t have to tag that way teenage kids
  • Ergo: Can still “wax environmental”

So, if you’d be interested, and happen to be in T.O.

And should you need a boost,

On the dangers of cell phones — see Dr Devra Davis’s Huffington Post article “Beyond Brain Cancer: Other Possible Dangers of Cell Phones”


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