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The NKG self-identify as a group that “focuses on the popular restorative use of urban lands based on indigenous principles, knowledge and practices”. From their ABOUT page:

All our activities are mutually supportive.  Everything we do is connected.

  • Eco-Restoration
    • We return disturbed lands and waters in Toronto to a healthy balance, in ways that restore, maintain, protect and develop historical indigenous ecosystems for future generations.
  • Plant Nurseries
    • Our nursery sites include outdoor church gardens and greenhouse spaces, serving as places to learn and grow new plants.
  • Indigenous Cultural Regeneration
    • Our activities support urban indigenous people to learn and practice our cultural traditions, as the basis for reconnecting with our communities and the natural world around us.
  • Learning Opportunities
    • We provide places to teach indigenous values and ways of life and link with certification for our stewards through accredited learning agencies wherever possible.
  • Educational Ecotourism
    • We engage with diverse local communities, tourists and other visitors.  We welcome our friends in the surrounding community to the land.
  • Landscapes for All our Relations
    • We grow edible and medicinal landscapes for the next seven generations of humans, and for all life.

Weeelll, it is exciting to watch

— at 3:00/3:30 pm-ish, on a mild December Friday afternoon —

how the vote count soars, in front of your eyes

59,744 signatures at 3:25

840 at 4:05


SUCCESS to Andrea Horvath’s campaign to stop Hydro One’s privatization!

[announced goal is 60,000 sig’s; the time frame = “a little over a week” yesterday THU]

seems safe to bet that we’ll hit the mark in les than 24h (received emailed link THU around noon)

On Toronto Star’s watch:

  • Thu Oct 29 2015 article by  Queen’s Park Bureau Chief

image caption states:

In his first-ever report to the legislature, Ontario budget watchdog [IF I may, we could have done without this “title”] Stephen LeClair said the sale of 60 per cent of Hydro One would hike the already massive provincial debt by slashing revenue. More…

If you’d recall, my 1-page Ecosonance thesis (versions 2010-2012) was furnished with a 1-line abstract earlier this year, in the shape of a reinterpreted E=mc^2 (3MT talk, March 19, 2014).

Elaborating on the semiotic reassignment in operation, I repurpose the E (energy) to stand for “Ecosonance”, which, as you’d recall, stands for ecological attunement. Indeed for “Existence”, whereby

  • E-cology maps interrelatedness at any point in time (invoking spatial configuration)
  • E-volution projects the historical unfolding of ecological relationships (invoking temporal progression)

So an overlap of Ecosonance – Ecology – Evolution … Existence

The corresponding reinterpretations of the “m” (mass) and the “c squared” (speed of light, assumed to be a constant) on the right-hand side of the “equation” are as follows:

  • m(embers) of an ecosystem, or of any divisible (in some sense) entity,
  • “multiplied” by (subject to)
    1) the c(ombinability) a.k.a. relations obtaining among them, “squared” for emphasis, you might say,
    recalling the “constant of change” to capture Gregory Bateson’s idea, e.g. in Nora Bateson’s documentary about him, An Ecology of Mind (see my presentation of it),
    2a) the c doubled in the two (at first look mutually exclusive) senses of “c-onstant” (harkening to the constant-status of the speed of light) and “c-hange” (bringing in the Time factor, contained in physical Velocity).
    2b) the c doubled in the senses of combination of entities/relations/events undergoing change (which happens to be a consonant of Existence)

The above semiotic reassignment involves, on some level, reversing of the equation’s broader cultural symbolism. That is, what stands for advanced, and largely inaccessible to the lay person science. It has moreover come to invoke nuclear reaction , hence the horrific destructive power of technoscience. SO there is a reversal in at least two senses — by the ES-reassignment,

  1. on one level, what is a mathematical formula loses its quantificational status — gets De-quantified — as a statement of redress of (one could say) the mythical power of Reason – Science – Numbers…
  2. on another, the equation is invested with an ecological interpretation, and message, for an oh-so-needed Human Consciousness Shift.
    (NB! In the interest of history, the breakdown of the atom was not a “scientific fact” at the time Einstein derived the formula, and radiation, although empirically detectable, had no “scientific explanation”)

In sum, the intent is to subvert the scientization drive that has dominated the “Western” imaginary for quite some time now, and to bring it around to reading the philsophy of Ubiquitous Interrelatedness that, by the way, underlies the mathematics of Quantum Physics as well as the Special and the General Theory of Relativity.

For, after all, shouldn’t it be possible for a few philosophically loaded terms
to manifest the Truth-power of a few mathematical symbols,
and to impact society commensurately?

What little I glimpsed of this website (came across it through a search on string theory) seems useful, so here’s the URL:

BTW, this is Ecosonance’s 170th post…

Thanks for the Birthday greetings, WPalways courteous 🙂

Press Release (11/29/10)

BlackLight Power, Inc. Announces Production of Electricity from a New Form of Hydrogen

BUT can we get away from electricity? Before science gets us to worry about its interference with biomagnetic fields, in an irreversible way?


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