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Isn’t this LOVELY SNOWY WINTER a reason to CELEBRATE?!

Toronto hardly got any snow last winter, and half-way through this winter, we’ve only had reason to minimally shovel a couple of times.

THANKS for posting, Bucket List Publications 🙂

I’ll never tire of beach vacations, but it’s always good to shake it up a bit and Mont Tremblant offers a multitude of winter bucket list activities for the entire family. We recently spend four days in Mont Tremblant discovering the best winter activities available and I quickly understood why people choose ski vacations. Mont Tremblant, […]

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united by gold bound to her distant fingers bored until broken more art?

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I found this flower on an August afternoon. I enjoy the bright colors of summer and hope you do as well. Photo copyright Jeffrey Foltice

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quote from post: ““We mocked and taunted on their fondness of powers of nature, worshipping them, showing gratitude to them!” he said, “We destroyed their cultures. Then with time we realized how much spontaneous was their devotion, how deeper was their wisdom selfless was their thinking.”

“John Lennon sang in 19th century…Imagine no possession, I wonder if you can! Sioux Red Indians did not believe in material possessions, millenniums prior to that!”

“There was a time when we mocked their beliefs!” the professor said, adjusting his tie to ease his neck. Perspiration was forming on the forehead of students and teachers alike. There was a ruckus going on in the college, two kids were caught kissing in the bushes, both were boys! Had one of them been […]

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I have no problem coming up with huge bucket list items that are so extreme they seem impossible yet I make them happen, but I lost sight of what I really want from my every day life and it leaves me feeling unfulfilled and discouraged. I’m at a cross-roads now. I will be leaving my […]

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