“Indigenize” by getting close to the land we’re born of – How’s that?! 🙂

The question now, is,

  • Knowing that paradigms like the one mapped by Siobhan Senier (2013) existed,
  • whereby dichotomies around alternative gender, human/nature, and now “dis-ability”
  • did not tear the social fabric,
  • how do we, situated in “developed” countries, can best stitch our societies up?

quote from post: ““We mocked and taunted on their fondness of powers of nature, worshipping them, showing gratitude to them!” he said, “We destroyed their cultures. Then with time we realized how much spontaneous was their devotion, how deeper was their wisdom selfless was their thinking.”

“John Lennon sang in 19th century…Imagine no possession, I wonder if you can! Sioux Red Indians did not believe in material possessions, millenniums prior to that!”

“There was a time when we mocked their beliefs!” the professor said, adjusting his tie to ease his neck. Perspiration was forming on the forehead of students and teachers alike. There was a ruckus going on in the college, two kids were caught kissing in the bushes, both were boys! Had one of them been […]

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telling back cover quotes:

and, more later 🙂

I have no problem coming up with huge bucket list items that are so extreme they seem impossible yet I make them happen, but I lost sight of what I really want from my every day life and it leaves me feeling unfulfilled and discouraged. I’m at a cross-roads now. I will be leaving my […]

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Well, “Another Story” started celebrating Columbus-Day-In-Reverse over the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend:

photo taken on the eve of — Oct. 9, 2016 Sunday

Canada and the US share the same history with the same implications of celebrating, “being grateful for last year’s harvest” (the official meaning of our Thanksgiving in October, their in November). The connection to land, therefore “settlement” on it when it was neither “discovered” per se, nor terra nullius (Lat. “empty land”) as such.

BUT, history does remember occasions when Indigenous people were invited to celebrate with the newcomers, and there’s also the Indigenous tradition of thanksgiving and renewing relationships with land and every (both “living” and “non-living”) thing on it.

so, indeed:     Happy Indigenous Land! — Every Holy Day

Well, of ALL the Vietnamese food i’ve ever tried, last Sunday’s restaurant experience was a series of taste shocks 🙂

Actually, unpleasant for the very first time!

No idea how i achieved it, but whatever i ordered tasted TERRIBLE.

BUT, the proverbially foul-smelling DURIAN smoothie actually did not Smell bad, just Tasted yucky.

A close second was the dip for the main dish, which felt literally like a thick solution of Baking Soda.

The rest was fine, if that’s the qualifier for Superbly Bland rice and veggies.

No worries — after all, it was a cross-cultural experience.

update post-Txgiving — the durian images & website were a broken link, so ES had to substitute something livelier…

Here’s a totally different perspective on “the King of Fruits”:


Here’s a totally different perspective on “the King of Fruits”:


Keeping links, just in case they come to life at some point 🙂

Credits: “Durians: 8 Myths and Facts About the King of Fruits” By Teresa Cheong for Health Xchange (not dated, as far as I can tell)

Have a lovely day! love.

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