If you missed the magic Jules Verne experience as a kid, here’s your chance to get a taste while looking for what mobilis in mobili means.

I thought it would be the perfect tag for a theory which is being developed. It also “connects with” the site header image, and, incidentally, winks at e.g. “atmospheric fluid dynamics”. Besides, right now, MinM sounds sweet.

Oh, one more motivator, Jules Verne (1828 – 1905) is credited with predicting in his several books the submarine (cf. his ship Nautilus), electricity and the light bulb, TV, the mechanism for launching spacecraft, the Internet and a number of other inventions, many of which dozens of years ahead of time.

So, an association to (I’d insist, not only) scientific discoveries!

Below, I will be posting links to bits and pieces of what I think for the moment I’ve more or less figured out about “ecosonance”.